Mysql-ruby + ruby-mysql + activerecord == confusion

Hi guys, I am having some difficulties with mysql :slight_smile:

I have rails working and activerecord works, and I can create
webapps that display and update databases just fine.

However, I am not using rails. I just want to do some simple
inserts to a database.

So, I tried something like the following:

require ‘rubygems’
require ‘active_record/vendor/mysql’
@db =, username, password, databasename)
db.query(“insert into sent mail (id, recip, subject,spam)
Mysql::Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
read' from /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/activerecord-1.14.2/lib/active_record/vendor/mysql.rb:499:inread’
read_query_result' from /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/activerecord-1.14.2/lib/active_record/vendor/mysql.rb:180:inreal_query’

I then tried downloading and installing mysql-ruby-2.7

I have mysql-client installed and I ran test.rb connecting to a mysql-4
server and got the following

  1. Failure:
    test_execute2(TC_MysqlStmt2) [test.rb:628]:
    <[123]> expected but was

  2. Error:
    Mysql::Error: Out of memory (Needed 2063600648 bytes)
    test.rb:637:in execute' test.rb:637:intest_execute3’

  3. Failure:
    test_execute4(TC_MysqlStmt2) [test.rb:653]:
    <[nil, “hoge”, #<Mysql::Time:2005-07-19 23:53:00>]> expected but was
    <[nil, “\001”, #<Mysql::Time:0000-00-00 00:00:00>]>.

  4. Failure:
    test_sqlstate(TC_MysqlStmt2) [test.rb:1288]:
    <""> expected but was

So THEN, I tried ruby-mysql-0.2.6. This actually works just fine
against my mysql 4 server, but
when I run it against mysql 5, I get the following:
connect…/mysql.rb:453:in `read’: Client does not support
authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL
client (Mysql::Error)

So I am out of luck if I want to use mysql 5. However my rails apps
work with a mysql5 server.
Anyone have any idea what I should be doing?

I’d appreciate assistance as I am quite muddled after all of this… I
haven’t even looked at Ruby-DBI yet!




I have asked a similar question when reading the announcement about
Rails Live CD:


.w( the_mindstorm )p.


Ok here it is documented that ruby-mysql does not work with mysql > 4.1
it appears to work fine with mysql 4.1.12 but fail with 5.x)

However when compiling the C mysql adaptor (mysql-ruby) on a machine
with mysql 5.x
installed and then trying to connect to a mysql 4.1.12 server, I get an
out of memory error.

Running the mysql client works fine though. I can still do something
/usr/local/mysql5/bin/mysql -u X -p -h (mysql4.1.12 server).

The Rails LiveCD looks very interesting. I will have to setup VMware
Player and look
at it… but I’m still stuck on MySQL.


It is really weird. A couple of days ago I made InstantRails work fine
with a preinstalled MySQL 5.0.16:

I am really confused :-S.


.w( the_mindstorm )p.


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