MySQL driver test failures


I am installing the MySQL driver 2.7 and get the four failures
attached belowe on ruby test.rb. Are they known? Would you install
the driver anyway?

Ruby is 1.8.3, and MySQL is 5.0.17, prepackaged for Mac OS X.

– fxn

% ruby ./test.rb
Loaded suite ./test

Finished in 1.203497 seconds.

  1. Failure:
    test_fetch_bigint(TC_MysqlStmt2) [./test.rb:799]:
    <[-1]> expected but was

  2. Failure:
    test_fetch_bigint_unsigned(TC_MysqlStmt2) [./test.rb:812]:
    <[-1]> expected but was

  3. Failure:
    test_fetch_binary(TC_MysqlStmt2) [./test.rb:1009]:
    <[“abc”]> expected but was

  4. Failure:
    test_fetch_double(TC_MysqlStmt2) [./test.rb:860]:
    <-1.79769313486232e+308> expected but was

110 tests, 344 assertions, 4 failures, 0 errors