My_Yard version 0.0.1 Released!

Hi y’all:

I just posted the first version of my_yard to

It is a GUI interface for yard where you can run yard in a window rather
than on the command line. Its written in visualruby (gtk)

Yard is a full featured replacement for rdoc, and produces really nice
output, but its a command line program. my_yard is just a nice front
end for yard with a GUI.

To try it, just type:

gem install my_yard

Then cd to the root directory of your ruby project, and enter:


That’s it!

Its also on github:

(screenshot there)

If you want to see an example of what it can generate, go to:

That site was generated by my_yard by selecting the “visualruby”
template and the “visualruby” theme.

Give it a try: select “visualruby” rather than “default” and your docs
will look like the website above.

Let me know how it goes.