My wishlist

  1. Expiry dates.

If I’m posting a note about an event coming up in a couple of weeks,
there’s no point leaving the posting there forever. So, I’d like to be
able to specify that the system should quietly delete the entry at some
time in the future.

  1. Time zone support.

I run using PostgreSQL, and hack the schema to say ‘TIMESTAMP WITH TIME
ZONE’ instead of just ‘TIMESTAMP’, and everything works. It would be
nice if this was officially supported. Call me picky, but I like my
postings to have a complete date and time, so I don’t have to reprocess
the entire database if I change to a web host in a different time zone.

It would therefore be nice if I could pick a time zone for the output,
rather than having it use whatever the server’s time zone happens to be.
This will probably be painful because of the need to support sucky

  1. FOAF. Should be pretty trivial.

  2. Tags with dashes and slashes in, e.g. ‘e-mail’, ‘9/11’.

  3. A database integrity checker. Some integrity constraints in the
    schema wouldn’t be a bad idea too, but again, the desire to support
    sucky databases will likely limit that.

  4. User accounts for commenters / confirmation e-mails

My ideal for comments would be:

Users get to either (a) login, or (b) specify a name, and an e-mail
address. They can check a box to hide the e-mail address from the page,
but I always get to see it. If they don’t log in, an e-mail is sent to
confirm that the e-mail address is real, before the posting goes on the

The e-mail also offers to let them set up an account. They can then use
login/password instead of having to type name and e-mail and respond to
the ping.

Also, since I see on the wishlist a desire to ditch the aggregator code
in favor of something like feedtools, I’d like to plug my own offering:
Sure, it’s less featureful… but it’s also about 1/10th of the size.


mathew [email protected] writes:

[ list of stories elided]

Mathew, please could you separate these into story tickets on the
trac (

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