My program "RubyPack"

Hello !


Recently I’ve started to develop software using Ruby. It was terrible
that I had to install (as root) all apps into some special directory.
Another way was just to join all files into one (something like “$ cat
./*.rb >myprog”), but I’ve found prettier method:

The idea of my programme is to pack all files and then to zip. First
line (how to execute) will contain path to my programme (like any

To use it we have to copy “rbz” to any directory of “$PATH” (I use
~/bin, you could work with /usr/local/bin).

To build .rbz file you have to:

$ rbz pack
$ chmod a+x

Now you can start your application like any other:
$ ./

Copy it to $PATH and enjoy :wink:

You can get RubyPack from

Oleg I. wrote:

You can get RubyPack from

There are also:

though these may not be currently maintained (doc has dates 2 yrs old).

If you’re program is pure ruby (.rb files, and no .so), then you can use
one of these: (my project)

The latter two have the advantage that, when running the program, they
don’t have to unpack anything to temp dirs.

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