My posts are excluded from ruby-talk archives?


Although my posts seem to show up on the ruby-talk mailing
list, they seem to be missing from the ruby-talk archives.
(I post directly to the mailing list via [email protected] )

I wanted to link a friend to one of my ruby-talk posts, using
a URL like the following:

But I get a file not found response.

I’ve spot-checked several of my posts over the past few months
and every one has been missing from the archives so far(!)

When viewing the archives sorted by message ID, the posts
are simply missing from the sequence:

266244 07/08/26 10:32:19 [jwells servalsy] Re: Ruby access to Win Forms
266245 07/08/26 10:43:53 [garbagecat10 gm] Re: Thread safety techniques
for server applications?
266247 07/08/26 11:43:45 [transfire gmail] Re: Bind to an “as if”
superclass context
266248 07/08/26 11:57:17 [james grayprodu] Re: Functional Programming

(266246 not listed)

Any ideas how or why this might be happening?