My Overall Site Goal

I thought I would create a thread specifically for myself but, that
might be able to help other too, this one will have bunch of different
things in it but, overall it’s what I need to get done for my site.

Navigation / Sub-menus


I need a submenu system set up so that it look like this:

Main Page:

Home / Section 1 / Section 2 / Section 3

These pages will also be in the “header” so that they will be universal
horizontal across the site layout.

Section Page: About Us |

  • Overview
  • Page 1
  • Page 2
  • Page 3

Normal Page:

  • Parent Page Title
  • Overview
  • Page 1
  • Page 2
  • Page 3

I will have breadcrumbs so if we go like 5 levels deep you can still get
to the 3rd level by clicking on the breadcrumb page.

In addition however, I only want pages below the curent page/section to
show up in the submenu but, just directly below and not all of the
pages, so no grandchildren(sub-page), only children pages.

Essentially the idea is to have the links generated in such a way that
it’s intuitive to go down a level to a sub-page (page) or up a level
back to the page or even to the parent/grandparent (section).

I hope I wasn’t confusing.



Tags / Categories

I think this was addressed but only in passing, someone said a patch was
made but, I don’t know how it functions since i didn’t add the patch.

However, how I envision it working is like in Wordpress or Textpatten,
where it’s in a select form or a drop-down from where you can choose
single, multiple or even sub-categories depending on the topic of the

So the URL schema could become something more organized into something

rather than URLs based on date, which seems to be the defacto format. I
don’t know if this conflict it would cause with the normal URLs to pages
but, I think it would be a different file that would handle the blog vs

index.rb → blog.rb or page.rb depending on the request. All the blog
posts could be “archived” in “/blog” or “/archive” depending on your
needs. It might be able to be truncated with .htaccess for those that
have it.


I am a big fan of comments for posts but, only on a seperate page from
the post itself, I don’t like to see comments on the same page, it kind
of irritates me cause I don’t like to wait for the page to load because
someone writes 100 comments on the same page. So: ← seperate comments page from post.

Other than that I can’t think of anything but, if I do i’ll make another
post in this thread.