MusicBrainz-Ruby 0.3.0

Hi Everyone,

I just posted version 0.3.0 of MusicBrains-Ruby, my Ruby bindings for
MusicBrainz ( MusicBrainz is a community music

Changes Since 0.2.1

  • Cleaned up several examples.
  • Merged an unending flurry of patches from Tilman S. :slight_smile:
  • Added all the latest query types.
  • Better documentation, including full documentation on each and every
    query type (my fingers still hurt from that one)
  • Added RDoc API documentation for the MusicBrainz::TRM module.
  • Ruby 1.8-style allocators and string handling (Ruby 1.6 is still
    supported, although probably not for too much longer).
  • cryptographically-signed RubyGems package file.
  • A couple of minor API changes (see below).

Note: A couple of the changes above required minor API changes. For an
overview of the relevant changes, please read the release notes at the
URL below.


Feel free to email me any questions, comments, or patches.