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I’m author of MuraveyWeb, first open source Ruby on Rails CMS on the
Earth :), which some of you may know.

Last year I had a lot of Rails work and was very busy with all kinds
of commercial projects, so I apologize to all who had no tech support
or new releases from me. That’s entirely my fault, but I hope you’ll
understand me.

I was creating MuraveyWeb to help me doing my business – creating
small CMS powered sites. But I’m no longer doing this. Instead, I’m
focusing on Web applications now, which is more interesting subject
anyway :slight_smile:

I know you’re probably already not reading this, but wait. Here’s a
point I want to make: I’m no longer interested in supporting
MuraveyWeb. But I see that project is being downloaded ~20 times each
day and I don’t want it to die only because of my business (or

So, here’s the deal. If any of you guys want to take over this
project, please send me email on [email protected] Short description
of why you’re interested in that and previous experience with
MuraveyWeb and Rails is a must :slight_smile:

If you’ll take on this project, I will give you all rights to my
Rubyforge account, lifetime hosting on one of my servers and access
to Subversion. Also you can expect all kinds of support from me while
you’ll be trying to understand code base.

If you have any questions, I’ll gladly answer them. Thanks for your
time spent reading this and sorry if it was not interesting for you.

MuraveyWeb rubyforge project’s page:

With best regards,
Dmitry Sabanin | |

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