Multiply forms?


On my homepage i want a form with the element drop-down-box. When the
visitor select one of the values from the drop-down-box and click on
submit, the visitor go’s to the details-page where the value from the
drop-down-box is filled in and the visitor are suggested the complete
the form.

I am a newbie…so can someone put me in the right direction


in the view:

<% form_tag :action => ‘redirect’ do %>
<%= select_tag :target, [‘option1’, 'option2, ‘option3’ ] %>
<%= submit_tag “go” %>

in the controller:

def redirect
redirect_to :action => params[:target], :controller =>

that help at all?

On Apr 16, 1:46 pm, Remco S. [email protected]

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