Multiple templates and domains

My apologies for those are going to get this email twice. I posted it
earlier to what was the wrong mailing list earlier.

Rails newbie here so forgive the question if the answer is ridiculously

I am trying to write an app that meets the following requirements. I’d
like to do it in Rails, but having pored over documentation for that
past couple of days, don’t even know whether it’s feasible or not.

  • One codebase
  • multiple domains
  • each domain will have the same base functionality, but the look and
    feel will be determined based on a selection of templates

To summarize, I would like a system whereby people can sign up for a
site, pick their domain name, everyone gets the same functionality, but
they can choose from a selection of provided templates and customize
the look and feel of their site.

if it is possible, can you point me in the right direction?
I’ve already had a couple of responses to this but the problem I really
is the determination of what template use based on the domain n name.


I think its possible.

Assuming you will store all your template names in DB belonging to a
name along with other user customizations.

You can use 'render :template=>‘your-domain-or-user-specific-template’
your actions.

hope this helps.