Multiple sets of Tabnavs

Sorry for the cross-post - I also posted this question on the seesaw

Iâ??m having trouble figuring out how to implement Tabnav in my fledgling

I have a main page which I do not want to convert to tabs. But when I go
to edit, say, a person record or a pets record, I want a tabbed form to
open with a separate clump of info to edit on each tab. The person edit
would open up a set of person-related tabs, and the pet edit would open
up a set of pet-related tabs.

I have a layouts/application.rb but putting the start_tabnav and
end_tabnav there causes multiple copies of the same tabs to appear. I
could make copies of the application.rb and just change the start_tabnav
line of each to point to the correct set of tabs for that table. But
that wouldnâ??t be very DRY, would it?

So how do I specify a layout for person that can have
<%= start_tabnav :person %>
<%= @content_for_layout %>
<%= end_tabnav %>
but still use application.rb as a wrapper?


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