Multiple radiant sites and tags


To all those who’ve contributed: Thanks for Radiant! I have been
personally using it for about 7 months, and have loved it. I was
asked to revamp my company’s website(s), and after an exhausting
journey through many other CMS’s, I returned to Radiant, and my boss
and I couldn’t be happier. Bravo!

My company has a bunch of sites, and because most of my colleagues who
will be generating content are non-technical, it would be nice to host
them all using one radiant install and admin page. I am using radiant
to host multiple sites as described

I’ve noticed, however, that many of the tags break when using one
install to host multiple sites. Specifically I’ve found that <r:link /

and <r:url /> generate URLs relative to the Radiant root. I
imagine that every tag that deals with a URL would be affected by this.

Is there a built-in way to get these tags to generate URLs relative to
some other node in the hierarchy? Or should I dive into the code and
hack something together? I saw allusions to this type of
functionality in a previous message to this list:

I am using Apache 2.2 as a balancer in front of a pack of mongrels,
for the main (top level) site, and pointing 2nd level sites to their
respective nodes using mod_proxy, if that matters.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Bobby Calderwood

Maybe the recently updated Virtual Domain extension is useful to you: