Multiple Paginate

Hi there!
I’m just at the beginning of my development with ruby on rails, and yet
i’m facing a problem.

See, i got 4 dropdown lists on which give 4 different parameters for a
single query to display a list of users ( 4 parameters to discriminate
them ).

For the will paginate plugin, there is the :conditions option which give
me a hand, but it only can receive one condition!
and the other 3? how can i do it? some hint?

thanks in advance for the answers.


Enzo R.

Hi Enzo,

The conditions is a hash, so you can put multiple conditions in it.
conditions => { :condition1 => value, :condition2 => value, etc }


On Fri, 31 Oct 2008 09:11:26 +0900, Enzo R.

thanks a lot!! :slight_smile: