Multiple interloceed editable entites on on one page

I’m getting myself totally lost.

I have database model I’m happy with. I’m happy with DB design, E-R and
that. I’m reasonably sure that I’ve got that translated into the
and “belongs_to”. Heck, its not that big a jump.

So: I have a Main parent class - Book.
It has a major child class Pages.
Book also has
BookAttribute settings - language, layout, rendering …
BookAccessControl - duplicate, can_edit_pages, can_read_pages,
can_create_pages, can_delete_pages

   Pages has content, as well as optional Attribute and 

settings of its own that can over-ride the

Actually, later on, each Page will have further child tables for
(like a wiki, so can be rolled back), metadata - so the stories can be
multi-branched, attachments for embedded images and stuff, and also
and field - but all this will come later.

(And lets not go into making the attributes and access controls a

Right now I’m trying to make an Admin page so I can build a the books
and pages.

The story-board I have for the Book Admin page has a scrolling list of
books on the left. On the right there are tabs to select the child to

Ultimately it would be nice to do all this with javascript, but right
I’m just trying to do a simple select and click through to another

My problem is having two (or more) data entities - forms? - on th same

Can anyone point me to examples of having two interlocked, editable
on screen at the same time? I would have thought this would be a fairly
common situation. We see it in OS GUIs all the time.

If there are epigrams, there must be meta-epigrams.