Multiple independent sets of validations with validation_scopes gem

Being able to have groups of validations, partial validations, or
validations that don’t prevent saving an object are common needs w/
ActiveRecord. Last week I did an exhaustive search of the available
plugins, and I wasn’t able to find anything that satisfactorily solved
all the problems. Either things were too verbose, too limiting, too
specific, or I just didn’t like the API.

Enter validation_scopes. I wrote this plugin to solve my problems
while still being able to harness the full power of ActiveRecord

If you have interest in such a thing please give it a try. At less
than 50 lines, I think it’s a sustainable approach that will port well
to Rails 3, but it’s also very dense meta-programming, so I want to
get more people using it to shake out bugs around the edge cases.

Just a general question after quickly looking over it, can you create
new scopes that won’t let you save? or would this be accomplished
through something like if f.no_warnings?


Sadly no, that wasn’t really in my use case. You might like this one

Thanks for the reference, your plugin looks pretty good, I’ll try to
give you some feedback if I end up using it.

– Marli