Multiple calls from drop_receiving_element :complete


Firstly I am very new to Ruby on Rails but think its fantastic! :o)

I am trying to figure out how I can call multiple functions from the
drop_receiving_element :complete. I have the following code in my
index.rhtml and it works fine. It calls the javascript function
“additem” that is on the page.

<%= drop_receiving_element “dcwindow”,
:update => “items”, :url => { :action => “add” },
:accept => “products”, :hoverclass => “cart-active”,
:loading => “‘indicator’)”,
:complete => “additem(element.alt,”

But what I would like to do is call 2 functions.

	      :complete => "Element.hide('indicator')",
	      :complete => "additem(element.alt,"

One way that I thought would be possible would be to call do something
like this
:complete => { :action => “myfunction” }

Then from the server it could somehow call a javascript function that
exists on the webpage

def myfunction
call_javascript_on_webpage “additem(element.alt,”
Then somehow call Element.hide(‘indicator’)

Also how do I get variables into myfunction? (ie element.alt,

Hope someone can help me :slight_smile:


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