Multiple application using apache and mongrel cluster


I need to deploy two rails applications using apache and mongrel

I have modified VirtualHost and configured mongrel cluster for a single
application and it works fine.

The administration application( ) of
the above is a seperate application and I face problem in deploying it
in same apache server. ( I have set a seperate VirtualHost and
configured mongrel cluster ).

I have seperate conf files with the VirtualHost setting, namely
admin.conf and app.conf, and included it in apached httpd.conf file

I’m able to deploy both the application individually but not together.
The application configuration file which is included first in apache
httpd.conf file is only served( it is also set as the default server ).

I even tried by setting the apps in different ports 80 and 8080

If anyone could think of a solution kindly help me to fix it.


Hi Simi,

The apache and mogrel cluster should work fine with multiple apps. I
have been running with 2 apps and 6 mongrel instances.

I think your Apache configuration is convoluted. What versions are
you using?

Check this for a good explanation of virtual hosts:

It may not directly apply, but it should be a good start. Otherwise
we’ll need more info to answer your question.


On Aug 19, 12:12 am, Simi Lc [email protected]

Hi Hugh,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

The problem is fixed now.

Actually the problem was I had the ServerName as instead of in app.conf

Since the ServerName of other app, that is the admin app was, apache could not serve both the apps
simultaneously. It just served whichever app was first included in

I think it is a very minor problem I should have taken care of. But
sorry I’m a newbie to apache configuration


On Aug 19, 12:12�am, Simi Lc [email protected]

You are welcome, glad to hear you got it working.