Multiple Apache 2.2 Servers?


I am currently planning the deployment of a rails/mysql application. I
am hoping to host a number of virtual ubuntu 6.06 servers on xen. The
initial deployment will go something like this:

1 web server : Apache 2.2 + mod_proxy_balancer
2 app servers : Each with a number of mongrel instances + memcached
1 file server : Will store and serve uploaded files
1 db server : MySQL 5 (I may add a second slave MySQL server if capacity

Being new to rails, MySQL and linux, I think that this setup will give
me flexibility to scale out in the future.

If I need to add a second Apache server, will I need a hardware load
balancer? Also, are there obvious faults with my deployment plan?

Apologies if these questions are very basic, I come from a windows/.NET
background but am spending more and more time on the good side of


This is mine thoughts too.
I am very keen to hear from someone with deployment experience.


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