Multilingual resources


We’re trying to create multilingual resources, i.e. ones that can have a
language selector in the URL - to have search engines index all the
language versions of resources. The optional solution would be:

/foobars/, etc…

Is this possible somehow using ordinary Rails routing (that is without
external rewrite rules, etc)? We only need this feature for HTML pages -
so /foobars/123.xml would return all languages as they’re all part of
the resource.

For one or more reasons we’ve already ruled out the following URL


These lead to resource duplication though this whole thing is about
different versions/views of the same resource. When creating or editing
said resources our users won’t edit them one language at a time but as a
whole. These latter schemes are also problematic if we consider REST web

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks,
Roland Venesz