Multi_site restrict access to radiant

Hello everybody!

I’ve recently discover the multi_site extension which appears to be
really interesting.
But there is some things that I still don’t know if it is possible and
how to do them.

1-Imagine I have a radiant site called I install the
multi-site and then I create and Now I
can manage the pages for the two “child” site1 and site2, but I can’t
manage anymore the page from

2-Is it possible to create administrator for each site? For example if I
log in to radiant as an admin, I’ll see all my site. However I want to
create site-administrator for each site so that they can log in to
radiant and manage the pages of their own site without seeing all the
other site.


Hi Marc,

The multi_site extension has those limitations you mention. I
especially think #2 is a show stopper in many cases - all users sees
all sites. It would take some work to tie logins to a specific site,
but it would greatly enhance the value of the extension.


There is a branch that starts down this road. You can tie specific
users to each site, though Admins and Devs see all sites, normal usere
do not.

Layouts can also be limited. It is not perfect, but a huge step in the
right direction.

and the related blog post:



Thanks for your answers.
It would be definitely great if we can assign user to a group.
For now I’m using multi_site and page_group extension together to
restrict the access.