Multi-site Extension


I’ve installed the multi-site extension, which is most excellent, but I
can’t figure out the URL patterns needed to navigate to each of my
different sites. Can someone using multi-site give me the quick idiot’s
guide to using this extension? I’ve configured my sites, I just can’t
view them. I’m using the built-in WEBrick web server for development.



Try this settings:

Domain match:[./]
Base domain:



Michael Kessler wrote:


Try this settings:

Domain match:[./]
Base domain:


Thanks for the reply. I should probably clarify what I’m doing. I’m
running Radiant on my local machine on port 3000 so my URL is
http://localhost:3000. Assuming I have defined two sites, named site1
and site2, how would I set up each site so I could access them like so -
http://localhost:3000/site1 and http://localhost:3000/site2?



I don’t know if it is possible to run multiple radiant sites under
different contexts on a single domain, but I have had some problems to
run normal rails apps with that setup months ago.

I have different development sites running under a single domain, but
I use a setup with canonical names DNS entries.

So you could try something like this:

Site 1 Domain match:[./]
Site 1 Base domain:

Site 2 Domain match:[./]
Site 2 Base domain:

for production and for development just add site1.localhost site2.localhost

to your host config file and then use

Site 1 Domain match: .site1.localhost[./]
Site 1 Base domain: site1.localhost

Site 2 Domain match: .site2.localhost[./]
Site 2 Base domain: site2.localhost

Hope this helps