Multi_site extension and 0.6.7

I realize that this does not yet work, but I thought I would give it a
try. Unfortunately, I am stumped. There were a few errors with the
clear_cache method in the page_controller, which I think I got. Now I
am getting an error whenever I try to login in… I am pretty sure it
is in the application controller, but not really sure what it might
be. Anyone else try this. I really like this extension, and have whole
“families” of websites based on it

The error is:

Showing vendor/radiant/app/views/admin/page/index.html.haml where line


wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)
Extracted source (around line #):

Any help appreciated.


I´ve seen the haml plugin is in core and in the extension! removed the
one in the extension and then the error did not show up:



Keith B. schrieb:


could someone explain me how to config the multi_site extension?

I would like to organize 2 domains for example:

SITES config:

Name: Site1
Domain pattern???
Base domain name:
Hompage ID: 1

Name: Site2
Domain pattern???
Base domain name:
Hompage ID: …

Is the base domain name correct?
For what is the domain pattern?
Can I test this behavior with localhost:3000 ?

Thanks for help,

Name: Site1
Domain pattern: site1
Base domain name:
Hompage ID: 1

Name: Site2
Domain pattern: site2
Base domain name:
Hompage ID: (let this figure it out)

That should do it.

On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 10:48 AM, Patxi [email protected] wrote:

SITES config:

Post: [email protected]

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Hi Keith,

what have you changed to get it running?
I have changed ‘clear_cache’ to ‘clear_model_cache’ 2 times in

Otherwise the server does not start.

  • Have you done the same?
  • Is this correct?

I still get some errors in the admin control if I want to change “slugs”

I couldn´t test it on localhost. Is this possible?


Keith B. schrieb:


I haven’t tested it out completely, but I can log in again. Thanks,
very good idea… I should have thought about that.


Hi Patxi,

just comment the whole block at the top of module Multisite out. It is
not needed anymore, as the made cache clear itself with every save.

Like this:

def self.included(base)
base.class_eval {
alias_method_chain :index, :root
alias_method_chain :clear_model_cache, :site
alias_method_chain :continue_url, :site
# %w{remove clear_cache}.each do |m|
# alias_method_chain m.to_sym, :back
# end

Worked for me. I will try to fork it on github asap.


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