Multi_search will not work


I am trying to get multi_search to search across multiple models. I
have the following:

class Drug < ActiveRecord::Base
acts_as_ferret :store_class_name => true

class Target < ActiveRecord::Base
acts_as_ferret :store_class_name => true

and I am trying to query via:
@drugs = Drug.multi_search(params[:query], [Target])

But I get no results. If I go:
@drugs = Drug.find_by_contents(params[:query])

I get results back no problem (same if I just query the target), but
even after I delete the index and rebuild both the drug and target index
I get nothing back. I don’t even get any results if I go:
@drugs = Drug.multi_search(params[:query])

I have tried this with the latest trunk build and the latest stable
version. I am really at a loss, and was hoping someone might have some



Hi Craig,

could you please try to explicitly state the fields you want to index,

acts_as_ferret(:fiels => [ ‘content’, ‘extended_content’ ],
:store_class_name => true)

just a guess but this could work around the problem.


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