MSISDN Proximity Project


I’m looking for a way to do a software that can retreive the IMSI of
proximity devices
and later the MSISDN (phone number) associated.

In a short i need to see the phone numbers of the proximity gsm

I need to know if anybody can help me on this, or say me about the
right way to start.

I wait your news

Thank in advance


On Tue, Apr 5, 2011 at 4:39 AM, Cristian Rougier
[email protected]wrote:

I trust you have the co-operation of the GSM operator, or understand the
privacy implications of not having it.

An approach for mapping a number to a device on a specific cell is
in Karsten Nohl’s talk[1]. Basically, you send empty messages in a
particular pattern, and watch as the phone receives (and discards) them.
This doesn’t make it easy to do on a large scale.

From a hardware perspective, while you may get some success with a USRP,
you’re probably better off looking at the Osmocombb project.



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