Mr. Guid 0.2.5


Mr. Guid 0.2.5 includes an all new object view which lists instance
variables and methods an object posesses. Also, this release offers the
ability for the user to manually load files into the debugger instead
of waiting until the debugger itself loads them.

Note: Instability in the Windows version is still possible (and
probably exists). I would appreciate any help on this issue. (Refer to
for more information)

Smaller changes:

  • Better STDERR handling than before
  • More informative statusbar messages
  • A couple bugfixes dealing with instance variables

Project page:

Mitchell’s Ruby GUI Debugger (Mr. Guid) is a simple cross-platform Ruby
GUI debugger written in Ruby using the Ruby/Gtk2 bindings for GTK+. It
is only meant to be a debugger, not an editor or IDE.