Mr Bones 2.0.0 (Pygmy Orchestra)

Mr Bones version 2.0.0
by Tim P.
(the “Pygmy Orchestra” release)


Mr Bones is a handy tool that builds a skeleton for your new Ruby
The skeleton contains some starter code and a collection of rake tasks
ease the management and deployment of your source code. Mr Bones is not
viral – all the code your project needs is included in the skeleton (no
gem dependency required).


  • 2 major enhancements
    • Reworked the PROJ open struct to use nested open struct
    • Renamed a few of the .rake files to match the namespaces
      they define
  • 4 minor enhancements
    • Selectable project skeleton when creating a new project
    • Added an empty ‘prereqs’ task to several of the namespaces
      (can be used for running code before any of the
      tasks in that namespace are invoked)
    • Extra refinement on notes
      rake notes TwP #=> all notes for TwP
      rake notes:todo TwP #=> all todos for TwP
    • Insalling a gem will no longer try to update the gem
      sources from RubyForge
  • 1 bug fix
    • On some systems, the quiet method was not reopening
      stdout and stderr correctly


Version 2.0.0 of Mr Bones introduces backwards incompatibilities. Here
what you need to update in order for your current projects to work with
this latest release.

Perform an update the tasks in your project directory:

bones -u your/project/directory

The following .rake files have been renamed in Mr Bones 2.0.0 (the old
name is on the left and the new name is on the right). You will need to
delete the old version and use only the new version.

doc.rake => rdoc.rake
annotations.rake => notes.rake

The PROJ openstruct has been amended to contain a collection of nested
openstructs. This will affect any settings you might have in the
top-level Rakefile for your project. Here is the translation key (old
names on the left and new names on the right).

rubyforge_name =>

specs => spec.files
spec_opts => spec.opts

tests => test.files
test_file => test.file
test_opts => test.opts

rcov_dir => rcov.dir
rcov_opts => rcov.opts
rcov_threshold => rcov.threshold
rcov_threshold_exact => rcov.threshold_exact

rdoc_opts => rdoc.opts
rdoc_include => rdoc.include
rdoc_exclude => rdoc.exclude
rdoc_main => rdoc.main
rdoc_dir => rdoc.dir
rdoc_remote_dir => rdoc.remote_dir

dependencies => gem.dependencies
executables => gem.executables
extensions => gem.extensions
files => gem.files
need_tar => gem.need_tar
need_zip => gem.need_zip
post_install_message => gem.extras[‘post_install_message’]

annotation_exclude => notes.exclude
annotation_extensions => notes.extensions
annotation_tags => notes.tags

svn => svn.path
svn_root => svn.root
svn_trunk => svn.trunk
svn_tags => svn.tags
svn_branches => svn.branches

ann_file => ann.file
ann_text => ann.text
ann_paragraphs => ann.paragraphs
ann_email =>

And of course, each name should be prepended with PROJ in your Rakefile.


  • sudo gem install bones


To create a new “Get Fuzzy” project:

bones get_fuzzy

If a new release of Mr Bones comes out with better features the “Get
project will need to be updated:

bones --update get_fuzzy

And if you ever get confused about what Mr Bones can do:

bones --help


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