Mr Bones 1.3.1

== Mr Bones


Mr Bones is a handy tool that builds a skeleton for your Ruby projects.
The skeleton contains some starter code and a collection of rake tasks
ease the management and deployment of your source code. Mr Bones is not
viral – all the code your project needs is included in the skeleton (no
gem dependency required).

Follow the URL above for more information, a list of available rake
tasks, and some instructions on customizing Mr Bones to make life
even easier.

== Changes

  • 4 minor enhancements
    • Updated the “ensure_in_path” method to take more than one path
    • Added an “in_directory” method for executing shell tasks in a
      different directory
    • Fleshed out a spec_helper and a better default project spec file
    • By default the project changes, description, and summary will be
      loaded from the History and README files
  • 3 bug fixes
    • RSpec tasks were not including the user defined project libraries
      such as “ext” or anything besides “lib”
    • Tweaked the gem install/uninstall tasks to remove installed
      and to install paltform specific gem versions
    • Fixed a bug where the RDoc task was ignoring the PROJ.rdoc_opts

== Release Notes

For existing projects, you should update those bones …

bones -u your_project

This will update the rake tasks while saving off the current set of
tasks to the “tasks/archive” directory.

== Fun Fact

The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a
radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.

== Post Script


== Post Post Script

Keep rattlin’ 'dem bones!