MP4 seeking with proxy

Hi all,

I found this module
on Nginx Wiki site and it works great but if I am not wrong - it works
only for static files.

What I want to do is to serve mp4 files for users (with seeking) using
some “combination” of static files serving and proxy module, because
not all mp4’s are on disk where nginx runs. I know how to do this
“combination” without mp4 seeking: proxy_store is the solution (when
file is missing - download it from external storage and save it on
disk for future requests). But how to combine this with mp4 module?

I can use NginxMP4StreamingLite module also on storage host (it also
uses Nginx), but then how to combine this with proxy_store (user gets
only mp4 seeked to some point BUT will proxy_store download whole file
to local disk from storage not only part of it?).

I hope you understand my problems, if not - tell me and I will try to
explain it better.

PS. In case if it is impossible to get what I want - will it be hard
to implement this?