MountainWest RubyConf 2008 speakers and registration

MountainWest Ruby, LLC is happy to announce that registration is
open for MountainWest RubyConf 2008 (to be held Mar 28 and 29 in
Salt Lake City, Utah). For just $100 you get 2 days of awesome
Rubyness (2 keynotes, 10 speaker sessions, and 2 lightning talk
session), lunch both days, a conference t-shirt – oh, and did I
mention the awesome Rubyness?

The speaker list has also been announced. It includes well known
Rubyists like Giles B., Jeremy McAnally, and Joe O’Brien.
There will be sessions on Ruby Internals, Amazon Web Services,
CouchDB, and DataMapper. Go check out the web page for all the
details though:

Don’t forget to register while you’re there!

And now, for a word from our sponsors …

This conference wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for the

Thanks guys.

Today we announced that Jim W. will be a keynote speaker at
MountainWest RubyConf. We are really excited to have Jim as a Keynote
speaker. He will be giving a keynote titled “Shaving with Ockham”

As developers, we deal with complexity every day. Our programs are
of lines long, consisting of thousands of subroutines and hundreds of
modules. And the smallest mistake in any one of these items can
bring a system to its knees.

Some problems are inherently complex. But that doesn’t mean that our
solutions must also be complex. Finding the simple in the midst of
complexity is the key to building systems that can solve today’s

Jim W. is the Chief Scientist for EdgeCase LLC, a Rails development
firm located in Columbus Ohio. Jim has over twenty-five years of
in software development. He has worked with real-time data systems for
testing jet engines, networking software for information systems, and
processing software for the financial industry. Jim is active in the
community and has contributed to several Ruby projects, including the
build system and the RubyGems package software.