Most affordable UHD compatible SW transmitter

Hi people,
Do you know which is the current state of art regarding (low) price of
transmitter compatible with UHD?
It’s for a project for Digital Radio broadcast using DRM standard (10kHz
bandwidth) here in Brazil.

Best regards,
Rafael D.

B200 is the lowest cost.

Thanks Matt!
But the B200 frequency range is 70 MHz - 6GHz, so it does not cover the
SW band.
I have an USRP 1 and some daughterboards, but I was thinking about
even more affordable, that could work with UHD. Something closer to what
hams use
for SW.

Best regards,
Rafael D.

Sounds like a B200 + a cheap downconverter, maybe based off something
like the classical NE602/SA612 IC, plus a bit of analog RC filtering.

You will probably want external analog hardware, anyway, because the
USRPs don’t typically generate enough power for long-range broadcasts –
heck, India has a 1MW transmitter. So your system would look like:

B200->mixer incl. sufficient filtering->PA->antenna


Thank you all people.
We’ll study more about the topic and decide which solution gives us
results / cleaner signal.
I was asking for UHD compatibility as the software we use to broadcast
(Spark) is compatible with UHD.

Best regards,
Rafael D.

Hi Rafael,

This could maybe be an inspiration, but it’s not a product you can buy
off the shelf:

I have met the creator and I’ve seen his board in use, albeit for DAB in


The TX2 direct sampling digital upconverter transmitter from covers the entire HF spectrum with a sample rate of
1.2+MSps and is priced at $180(US).
They have a GRC source block for the companion receivers and might have
developed a GRC sink block for the transmitter as well.

If you want to talk to me further, off-forum, email:
[email protected]

John Petrich