More than one parameter in URL


I’m trying to make my site work with OAI-PMH (http:// Whilst running the tests on
it seems that it can’t process more than two parameters. For example: works fine, but end ups with an error
with any second parameter

Processing OaiController#index (for at 2010-01-09
00:47:21) [GET]
Parameters: {“verb”=>“Identify”, “test”=>“tes”}

TypeError (can’t convert nil into Array):
oai (0.0.12) lib/oai/provider/response.rb:67:in -' oai (0.0.12) lib/oai/provider/response.rb:67:in valid?’
oai (0.0.12) lib/oai/provider/response.rb:31:in `initialize’

Line 67 is: return false unless (@options.keys -
where, ofcourse, self.class.valid_options is nil. But why?
Any thoughts?