More pybombs

We’re starting to get a few more folks who have used pybombs
(successfully) to install gnuradio and/or gr-op25.

Below is one comment - I have to admit, I had the same
question/uncertainty myself, re: the “gituser” (“Username for git
access”) prompt. For me, “concurrent make threads” was obvious and the
penalty for wrong answers was perfectly clear; whereas this is not at
all the case for gituser. In fact I seem to recall trying different
answers for gituser without actually seeing that it had any effect



[start paste, 1 minor edit]
I was pointed to the Ettus R. builds of GNURadio, which
apparently they regularly update for Windows. It's something I may try
at some point. I was going to start IT tonight until the other Scott
(the one that has his **** together far more than me for this project)
dropped in with his info. I may still.

EDIT: Might be nice to include the link, eh?

Right now it's "bombs away"....or pybombs. The install is running 
merrily far.

I would note that at the outset in the step after "./pybombs install
gnuradio" I was prompted for numerous options, with a default for each.
Because I don't have any clue as to what the hell I'm doing, I chose the

Scott - Scan New England Webmaster
Radio Reference MA, RI, & CT Database Admin

Generally $gituser is not used for anything
you can if you want put a repository address like
ssh://[email protected]:gr-foo.git in a recipe
I guess it is just intended to provide a standard easy way of doing this

we could probably remove it if it really upsets people, but it seems
fairly harmless as is
our list of configuration variables is getting longer and longer, I’m
not sure what the right balance is between prompting the user for all of
them, and trying to hide ones that a user may not understand or care
about -
perhaps simply a more verbose explanation of it would help


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