Monitoring Rails applications

Hey everyone,

I have a question to all those who use Rails in a professional way and
to monitor their applications: What values do you monitor? And how?

I don’t mean the health values of the machines or the network. I mean
the Rails applications. I would think of number of logged in users,
memory/CPU usage of Mongrel threads, page requests, concurrent sessions,
number of queries, avg. response times of queries and cache stuff.

Thank you!

So long
Lennart K.

Monit: Easy, proactive monitoring of processes, programs, files, directories, filesystems and hosts | Monit for all your system process monitoring
Munin: because people always love
pretty graphs!

New Relic: Nothing gives you more detail
about how your application is performing in the wild.

Those three will give you pretty much anything you could possibly want
to know.


On Sat, Nov 22, 2008 at 7:19 AM, Lennart K.