Monitor ferret Drb with launchd on OS X

Has anyone tried monitoring the ferret Drb server with launchd (OS X)?
Does anyone know if there is any limitation that would prevent ferret
from being monitored by launchd? I have tried many different plists
and none work. One starts too many ferret servers and one cannot
start any server. If anyone has experience with this, any information
would be most appreciated.


I figured it out. I am using AAF gem v. 0.4.3 which has a new
ferret_server wrapper which does not have a non-daemonizing option.
This patch fixes the problem:

[Patch] Allow ferret_server to run in blocking (non-daemon) mode

If you are getting a lot of “Throttling respawn: Will start in x
seconds” messages in your logs, and notice that you have way more ruby
processes running than you had ever planned, check out this patch.