Mongrel weirdness


My setup looks like this:

Apache (on :80) proxies to Mongrel (on :8885)
Mongrel’s “root” is ~/directory
Typo is installed in ~/directory/typo

if i’ve added in routes.rb

ActionController::AbstractRequest.relative_url_root ="/typo"

in the right place, is there anything further I need to do in order
to achieve nirvana with typo under Mongrel?

when I try to go to http://domain/typo/, I get redirected to /typo/
accounts/signup (prior to the .relative_url_root change, this was
going to /accounts/signup), but typo reports ‘Page not found’

There isn’t anything of usefulness in the environment logs as far as
I can see.

Does anyone have any hints? My host is A2 and they’ve so far not
been able to help me out with typo4 work. (They’re using an older
version of Mongrel, so typo config . url-prefix= won’t work.


Install a Mongrel pre-release and then do ‘typo config
~/domain/typo prefix=/typo’. Pre- releases of Mongrel don’t
work right unless they’re serving rails apps from the root of the


Is there any workaround if I can’t do this? I’m in a hosted


Ask on the mongrel mailing list, but none of the currently Mongrel
releases actually support this correctly yet. I sent Zed a patch a
couple weeks ago, and he cleaned it up and applied it. He should be
putting out a new official release soon-ish.


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