Mongrel_service and bundler

Hi all,

I have successfully installed mongrel, mongrel_service, win-32 service
and have also successfully installed the service on my computer and is
starting successfully.

The major problem am having now is that, my application uses a bundle of
gems so under normal circumstances mongrel_rails start will start with
bundle exec. even though the service starts, mongrels does not start
because am unable it has to start with bundle exec.

my question, how can I include bundle exec in the command that creates
the windows service so that it will start mongrels with bundle?

is there any other way, perhaps including bundle exec in boot.rb or
preinitializer.rb so that it will loaded automatically? am using rails

The mongrel log is below

** Starting Mongrel listening at
** Starting Rails with production environment…
`setup’: You have already activated mongrel 1.2.0.pre2, but your Gemfile
requires mongrel 1.2.0.pre2. Using bundle exec may solve this.