Mongrel process specific logging


I have a client who has deployed an app. against 3 Mongrel processes. I
have not been involved in the deployment at all, so if these question
are naive, I apologize in advance.

  1. Are there Mongrel process-specific log files that are written to by
    each Mongrel process?

  2. I suspect the answer to #1 is no and that all of the Mongrel
    processes just write to the same production.log file. Is there a way to
    identify which Mongrel process is servicing a given request recorded in


Newbie here too, but maybe starting Mongrel with -l option might help to
redirect the log file. This page lists the start up options you can use

However I’m having a similar problem, but as my environment is Windows
the log option is not supported. Does anyone know of an alternative, or
can I obtain the listening port from Rails so that I can override
config.log_path with a derived filename?