Mongrel handler

When i try to get the remote address of the system ,its returning only
the proxy server ip or localhost ip address.But i need the service
provider ip address of the system.Is there is any http header
variables,because i used ([‘REMOTE_ADDR’]
works for me . I need the solution for this can you please suggest with
me the solution.


You will not get these things from any of those variables. If you are
Apache look for “set X-FORWARDED-FOR”. In fact X-FF can be used to get
address for many http servers. More info at

Hmm, I’ve never had this problem with a Mongrel in front of Rails via
Apache, using the standard Apache mod_proxy reverse proxy setup for
apache and mongrel.

My guess is that that mod_proxy in apache will automatically set
X-FORWARDED-FOR without the need for any special setup beyond the
reverse proxy setup; and that Rails will also automatically use that
x-ff header. But I’ve never looked into it, because I didn’t need, it
just worked.

If you are not using apache and/or not using Rails, your mileage may
very. What is your environment?


Piyush R. wrote:

the proxy server ip or localhost ip address.But i need the service
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