Mongrel Gem Install

Hi, I am following deprec2 your slice from windows

however I am getting stuck at gem install mongrel part of the
install_rails_stack. I am on a 256mb slicehost slice so I know it will
take sometime. However it has been 3 hours and it is not getting
anywhere. I have terminated the process and did a gem update to
1.2.0(previous version had some problems with small slices I heard). Now
I am running the sudo gem install mongrel manually from terminal but I
think it is freezing there again.

anyone has any advice to get past this? I am getting fustrated because
this is probably thee 6th or 7th tutorial I have tried and have rebuild
at least 20 times…server deployments are so fun ain’t they?

Try grabbing deprec-1.99.26 (rubygems has been updated to 1.2.0).

Also, you might do better asking on the deprec-users google

  • Mike

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