Mongrel_cluster on OS X 10.5 Leopard

So, Leopard server has been great, most everything I need is here.
Thanks to a nice example here: I was even able to sort
out using Mongrel with Apache 2. All works out of the box, except
mongrel_cluster. The gem just won’t install. I could really use some
guidance here. I did try the darwinports mongrel_cluster install from
here: but that went and broke
everything. That processes failed near the end and broke rails
completely. I did a clean install of the server OS, and am back to
having to launch my 3 separate mongrel instances manually. I really want
these to start at bootup, so I was thinking cluster would be the best


Can you paste in the error that you’re getting when trying to install
the gem? Have you been able to install other gems without issue?
afaik, cluster doesn’t do anything special like compiling a C
extension, so it sounds like your rubygems install is out of whack.

Based on the info you gave us, we can’t really help you. Do yourself a
favor and make sure to include the errors you get, your env path,your
gem repo path, what gems you have installed and anything else that you
think would help. The more you tell us, the better chance we can
accurately help.

Also, if you upgraded from Tiger, there is a very good chance that
your PATH is screwing up the installation of new gems… including
mongrel cluster. I’ve found this the case of my clients who were using
macports to install ruby/rubygems on Tiger.

My suggestion…

Use the ruby version that came with Leopard. make sure that your PATH
is correct. Instead of having /opt/local at the beginning of your PATH
append it to the end.

Keep in mind… Leopard comes with 2 gems repositories, one in /System
and one in /Library. Pre-installed gems will stay in /System, new
versions will go in /Library. The versions in /Library will take
precedence over those in /System

you can check yours with:
bash$ ruby -r rubygems -e “p Gem.path”

My ENV Path looks like this:


Is there any reason why you HAVE TO use macports?

I am just guessing here because I have had no problems installing
mongrel_cluster, in fact I just upgraded it without issue.

bash$ gem list | grep mong
mongrel (1.1.1)
mongrel_cluster (1.0.5, 1.0.3)

Thanks for the replies. I really thought I had pasted the error… Opps.
I did sort it out. The issue seemed to be related to two things. First
and the most obvious was the XCode dev tools were not installed on the
server. All this client and server leopard upgrades were throwing me
off. The second issue was related to the pre-compiled version apple
installed. Adding export ARCHFLAGS="-arch i386" then sudo gem update did
the trick.
I have a lot to learn here… :slight_smile:

Thanks again.