Mongrel_Cluster Issue on Ubuntu 6.10 using Radiant

I have installed the latest version of Radiant using

$ sudo gem install --include-dependencies radiant
$ sudo radiant --database mysql /var/www/radiant

Edit config/database.yml as required.
$ sudo nano config/database.yml

Run the database bootstrap rake task:
$ sudo rake production db:bootstrap

Migrate and initialise DB:
$ sudo rake db:migrate

Start it like a normal Rails application. To test execute:
$ sudo script/server -e production

Open a Web browser on port 3000

It works to here, however once I use Crtl-C and then re-initialise it

$ sudo mongrel_rails start

The styled site (option 3) loads OK but if I try to access any of the
default posts, the page then loads the /admin/login page instead of the
particular post.

I have reloaded this again from scratch with the same result.

Any ideas what is occurring?

Regards, Ben.

Did you type

$ sudo rake db:migrate

when you should have run

$ sudo rake production db:migrate

Matt Parrish

Hi Matt,

Thanks for that, I reran both rake commands using the production,
but then after modifying the /usr/bin/mongrel_cluster to ensure the
shebang for ruby on ubuntu, it reverts to the /admin/login issue again.

Might clean sweep, start again.

Cheers, Ben.