Mongrel cluster died only in production environment

I’m new to setting up a production server with Rails, so I tried to do
what seems to be the standard setup right now: a couple mongrel servers
behind Apache 2.2. I’ve got a test page that refreshes itself every
couple of seconds, and I’ve noticed that I get a “Proxy Error” when
that’s run for about a minute or so, from what appears to be a mongrel
server dieing a horrible death. If I refresh, the other one will shortly
follow, forcing me to manually start the cluster again.

The odd thing, is that everything runs flawlessly if I’m in
“development” in my mongrel_cluster.yml file. My setup is totally
standard, so I was hoping that someone would know what the difference
between these two environments could be that is actually killing the
server. Thanks for any help!

Okay, nevermind, I figured it out. It looks like an uncaught exception
crashes Mongrel when it’s in production. Odd… Oh well, I can live with