Mongrel Cluster Compatibility

Is anyone using ferret with Mongrel/Mongrel-cluster?

The first one or two times I access the ferret index it works fine, but
then it throws a write lock error
StandardError (: Error occured at <index_rw.c>:703
Error: exception 6 not handled: Could not obtain write lock when trying
to write index

I need to do more testing on this to narrow down the problem/solution
but just wanted to throw out the question to see if anyone was using
this already succesfully or if someone (Dave? :slight_smile: knew why ferret might
choke on this setup.

I’ve been developing using lighttpd as a server without any problems
-Debian sarge built like

but I’ve just started testing on a production server
-Debian sarge with with Apache 2.2, mod_proxy_balancer and Mongrel built

(I put in the links in case anyone else is interested in deploying their
own rails server - these links have been gold to me)


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