Mongrel as FCGI replacement for rails?

Hi All,

This is sort of a theoretical question, as well as a practical one,
since I am now working on a rails app that will soon be deployed. I
understand that rails is essentially not thread-safe, and that
mongrel uses a pool of threads to handle incoming requests, and
automatically serializes concurrent rails requests. I am
investigating the possible use of Mongrel instead of FCGI for serving
dynamic content.

My circumstances are such that my app should be able to handle
anywhere from 10 to 100 or more concurrent long-running requests
(yes, HTTP streaming, no, it’s not a chat app). My question to you
all, and of course first and foremost to Zed S., is would it be
practical to use Mongrel in such a scenario, and how would one go
about it? Is there actually any way to make rails thread-safe?