Mongrel 404s pages seen by WEBrick -- config?!

I’ve got my great new rails app (thanks to everyone for all the help!)
and it’s working great on WEBRick locally.

When I upload it to my production server and run under mongrel, I get
things like:

  • css page doesn’t load.
  • Many of the controller/action pages go 404
  • etc.

In short, about half the pages are “missing” (except that the files are
all there – just Mongrel can’t find them.) Thing is, it finds, for
example, my home/welcome page, although it doesn’t seem to recognize my
environment setting that routes ‘’ to that page – so ends up with the “Welcome to Rails!” page.

When I run it under WEBrick on the production server, everything’s back
to normal – like on my dev machine.

So I’m guessing I’ve fouled-up my mongrel setup, somehow. Thing is, the
mongrel config is pretty darned lightweight, and I can’t see what I’ve
done wrong.


user: www-data
group: www-data
cwd: /home/olie/www/ascb
log_file: log/ascb.log
port: “8100”
environment: dev_germ
pid_file: tmp/pids/
servers: 1

I did
$ sudo chmod -R olie:www-data .
at the top level (~/ascb), and all the permissions are lax…

Any ideas?