Mongrel 1.1.3 errors?

All my production Rails/Engines apps died last week. Suddenly, and
without code change on my part. I think I’ve narrowed the problem down
to my hosting provider upgrading from Mongrel 1.1.1 to 1.1.3. Upgrading
my dev box similarly has also hosed my dev system - something about
upticking Mongrel has broken something badly.

I’m getting undefined constant errors for model objects that should be
loaded up without problem. These are plain-jane Models defined in my
(engines based) plugins. Basically, it looks like no plugin model is
currently being found by the rails loading system. I am not manually
require()-ing these models, but they should just be picked up, right?

Is anyone seeing anything similar? I’m running Rails 1.2.6 (frozen),
Ruby 1.8.6, and Engines plugin rev 668.

Did something change about how plugin model objects are loaded while
running Mongrel?


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