Mongrel 0.3.2 -- The Right Site/All Requests Answered

“Another Mongrel release?! Is he insane?” Yeah, basically.

This is yet another release of Mongrel that adds a bunch of little
people requested and I found were needed. This release is almost
targeted at Ruby on Rails folks as the majority of the changes went into
mongrel_rails runner.

Get this release from the (correctly linked) site:

== What’s Mongrel

Mongrel is a fast HTTP library and server for Ruby that is intended for
hosting Ruby web applications of any kind using plain HTTP rather than
FastCGI or SCGI. It is framework agnostic and already supports Ruby On
Rails, Og+Nitro, and Camping frameworks.

== Getting Mongrel

Simplest way to get Mongrel is through RubyGems. If you’ve got Ruby On
Rails floating around you just do this:

$ gem install mongrel (or gem upgrade if you’ve already got it)
$ cd myrailsapp
$ mongrel_rails start -d

That runs it in the background in development mode on port 3000. Use
-h option to start to see the various options you have. Stopping it is

$ mongrel_rails stop

Win32 people will need to avoid -d until I can test things an get a

== Changes

Lots of little fixes and enhancements that people requested from the

  • FAQ questions answered on threading and deployment scenarios.
  • Added some additional text to make the side icons a little clearer.
  • Created a dogs page with some people’s favorite pets.
  • Write out a better message for ‘mongrel_rails start’ giving the
    environment and other stuff.
  • Default to using ENV[‘RAILS_ENV’] or “default” as environment.
  • Removed the restriction on the environments so people can have custom
  • Added options for:
    • -n Number of processor threads.
    • -t Timeout for each processor before it kills a request.
    • -m Specify additional MIME type mappings in YAML format.
    • -c Change to directory before starting (both for start and stop
    • -r Use a different document root from “public”
  • Use “rb” as open mode on all platforms (for windows binary files)
  • Fixed bug in DirHandler which prevented people from altering MIME

The big change is the additional options that people have for running
On Rails applications via Mongrel. Please try them out with your weird
configurations and let me know how they work.

== Dogs

Don’t forget to check out peoples favorite pets at

Zed A. Shaw

On 2/13/06, Zed S. [email protected] wrote:

== Dogs

Don’t forget to check out peoples favorite pets at

Zed A. Shaw

Would Mongrel be suitable for running a Typo blog on?

On Feb 13, 2006, at 6:51 PM, Aaron K. wrote:

Would Mongrel be suitable for running a Typo blog on?

Your blog must be a lot more popular than mine! :wink:

James Edward G. II

I’m testing out typo and other apps with Mongrel tonight then posting
instructions if they work. Stay tuned.

Zed A. Shaw

On 2/13/06 7:51 PM, “Aaron K.” [email protected] wrote:

Would Mongrel be suitable for running a Typo