Mogrel Clusters with apache on Windows


I have read some posts that give conflicting info on whether it is
possible to run mongrel clusters on Windows with apache.

Is it possible?, if possible is it stable?

I don’t have an option of *nix.



You can deploy a cluster of Mongrels on Windows, sure, but the
Mongrel cluster manager script doesn’t work. I run a number of
Mongrel ‘clusters’ on Windows Server 2k3. Each server has 4 Mongrels
per core, just a simple guideline, which are installed as services
with each listening on a different port. Connections are delegated by
a single Apache 2.2 instance running mod_proxy_balancer.
It’s really quite a vanilla setup these days, for both Linux/
whatever and Windows. The only catch with Windows is that you have to
manage everything manually as tools such as mongrel cluster and
Capistrano aren’t available. Though it’s really not that big of a
deal as you simply create a few batch files for each operation and you
derive much of the value that the Linux/whatever tools provide.
Quite stable and nicely performant. As long as you don’t mind the
inherent 10%-20% performance penalty of Ruby on Windows.