Mogilefs-client 3.0.0 released

A MogileFS client library for Ruby. MogileFS is an open source
distributed filesystem, see: for more details. This
library allows any Ruby application to read, write and delete files in a
MogileFS instance.

To install: gem install mogilefs-client

mogilefs ::
list :: [email protected]
email :: [email protected]
repo :: git://
cgit :: MogileFS client library for Ruby
gitweb :: Public Git Hosting - ruby-mogilefs-client.git/summary

There’s a fair amount of internal changes and cleanups, but
most user-visible things should be relatively untouched.

Changes since 3.0.0-rc1:

* 1.8 copy_stream emulator respects creation umask
  This matches the latest IO.copy_stream behavior.
  [ruby-core:41308], r33851 in ruby/trunk

* higher timeouts for uploads to compensate for slow
  (but not dead) servers.

Changes since v2.2.0:

=== client changes

* "store_file" now accepts any IO object capable of streaming
  data (e.g. pipes and sockets).   This uses chunked
  Transfer-Encoding for PUTs, so backend storage nodes
  will need to support this (latest mogstored does).

* "store_file" no longer uses an infinite timeout when
  awaiting a response after a PUT, the new timeout for the
  response is now calculated based on the time and size of
  the PUT request.

* new commands: "file_debug" and "file_info" (new commands
  in mogilefsd, be sure you have the latest version)

* "get_paths" takes optional ":pathcount" parameter
  to control the number of returned paths.

* "get_file_data" supports offset and count for partial
  transfer (requires support from storage node for
  Range: requests, most HTTP servers are capable of this)

* IO.copy_stream is enabled by default under Ruby 1.9.3.
  Expect performance improvements.

* "list_keys" with a passed block (for additional info) is
  faster due to internal pipelining implementation and the
  addition of "file_info" support.

* fixed handling of "+" in key/domain names (old bug)

* rare, truncated partial responses due to network/server
  failure now raise MogileFS::InvalidResponseError

=== admin changes

Admin support is still a work-in-progress,
I usually just find myself using "mogadm" anyways.

* new admin commands: "replicate_now"

* "get_stats" no longer works on new mogilefsd versions

* get_domains handles "repl_policy" field correctly for classes
  in MogileFS 2.x

* admin commands should convert all numeric fields to either
  Integer or Float objects and not String representations
  of numerics.  Affected methods include:
   get_hosts, get_devices, list_fids, each_fids, get_domains

=== miscellany

* we no longer add methods to standard Ruby classes
  (at least we never /changed/ existing methods :P)

* {kgio}[] automatically used
  if available, but not required to avoid exceptions
  with non-blocking I/O

* dropped Ruby 1.8.6 support, 1.8.7 or later is required.

* Tested with MRI 1.8.7, 1.9.3 and Rubinius 1.2.4

* MogileFS::Mysql - deprecated, to be removed in 2012

* improved test suite

* some optional experimental features/changes,
  see "git log" for details

* Added internal pipelining implementation, this is
  not easy-to-use since the server can respond-out-of-order,
  but still useful for things like a list_keys+file_info

Feedback (bug reports, user/development dicussion, patches, pull
requests) are greatly appreciated and handled via email. We currently
piggy-back onto the public MogileFS
{mailing list}[mailto:[email protected]] for feedback.

If you do not want to deal with the corporate host of the MogileFS
mailing list, or if you wish to keep your issue secret, feel free to
email {Eric W. at}[mailto:[email protected]].

Do not expect Eric W. to read HTML mail under any circumstances.